21st February 2009:-

Pocketropolis topical adult oriented entertainment

Topical, fast paced, hard edged adult oriented web site featuring controversial comment on modern living. Adult humour and wit by Leamington writer Stephen Blake.

Pocketropolis takes a humorous and often irreverent look at the top issues that are currently in the media. Political satire, social issues and popular entertainment stories are regularly commented upon and lampooned. Listen to the viewpoint of people who refuse to be silenced by politeness and political correctness! Stephen Blake strikes again!

Recent topics have included global warming, George W Bush, Michael Jackson, Big Brother, Most Haunted stars Yvette Fielding & Derek Acorah and The End Timers. George W Bush has come in for quite a bit of stick over the last year but the guy is a prize idiot - so what does he expect? The planet is on the edge of global destruction caused by global warming and catastrophic climate change - meanwhile America buries its head in the sand and sucks greedily for the last dregs of oil. Dumb nuts!

Based in Leamington Spa, England, the writers of Pocketropolis have also compiled a complete unofficial guide to life in Leamington Spa and Warwickshire. Learn where to eat, what to eat and who definitely not to eat. Come to Leamington Spa and be so clued up that people think you’re a local. Not exactly a recommendation but if it floats your Midlands loving boat then what the hell.

Whilst pilfering through the rich coffers of Pocketropolis why not check out the official Pocketropolis Blog - Bloggertropolis? Bloggertropolis has recently been featured in the local newspaper, The Leamington Courier, and made quite an impact on the local populace. Read what caused all the furore and leave your own comments!

Why not have your say generally? Join the Discussion Forums or submit an article. Calling all budding writers and commentators, here is an opportunity to get your passions published and your spleen vented on-line. Write an article of no more than 1200 words and submit it to theman@pocketropolis.com for consideration. Featured writers have included Stephen Blake and Tristan Fitzgerald.

The requirements of this dazzling bit of copy also dictate that I again extol the many virtues of pocketropolis. Topical comment, hard hitting adult humour and satirical rudeness. The political and celebrity world held up to ridicule. Political comment, social comment, comedy and adult oriented wit. The world of television and Hollywood exposed for the superficial shams that they are. Oscar Wilde is body popping in his grave. Mega satire a-go-go.

White trash, trailer trash, chavs and track suit wearers are also deserving targets according to the writers of pocketropolis. If you’re a chav or a white trash thicko then expect a good lampooning - we’re sick of the sight of you foaming at the mouth on Trisha and Oprah whimpering on about your pathetic gender based problems and your bedroom hang-ups. We don’t care if your parents do make love to bovine livestock and lock you in the garage for days at a time - you’re freaks and you effing deserve it. Plus you’re all pug ugly and terminally stupid. Why not do us all a favour and go and drown yourself in a big vat of McDonald’s milk shake? Oh and we absolute hate McDonald’s too. Death to Ronald McDonald and his greasy army of spotty faced plebs.

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